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is the best medicine"

Meet Jess


Jessica E.R. Roberts is a National, State, and Board Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and a Professional Network Marketer. Having worked alongside many medical professionals to meet the needs of her clients, she specializes in sports medicine, proper body mechanics, pain management and full body toxin removal. Her treatments include: gut health and prevention education,  PNF, trigger point, Chinese cupping, and more. She is thrilled to share her truly holistic health approach with her clients, through bodywork, mindset transformation, and nutrition.

Coming Soon:


Jessica will be educating parents on how to massage babies and kids for optimal health!

Family & Group Nutrition Counseling


As a Holistic Wellness Coach, I believe in addressing more than just the individual. Helping the family as a whole creates a supportive environment and sets everyone up for success.  

Along with my background in holistic wellness, bodywork, and nutritional counseling, I also have a vast knowledge of natural products that can enhance your beauty with in and your exterior glow!

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